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a disney award community

best disney maker awards
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best disney maker awards
Welcome to Best Disney Maker awards, a Disney award community. Please read the rules before nominating, and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

1. There will be a number of categories for you to nominate in, each of them will have their own post for you to comment on. Comments will be unscreened.
2. When you comment you must make it clear which iconmaker(s) it is you're nominating (username), where they post their work and add 5 icons as examples of their work.
3. When you nominate a maker, please make sure that the maker has been active for at least a year (including the year 2009).
4. Once a maker is originally nominated they must have at least 5 other lj user's seconding that nomination. F.ex, if I am nominated, I need 5 other people to say "Yes, I agree" to pass onto the voting round.
5. You're allowed to nominate as many iconmakers as you want, as long as you follow the rules but you may not nominate your own icons. We want to keep this community as fair as possible and this would simply not work.
6. Once a maker has been nominated in a category they may make one 'thank you' post in the comments and they may (are encouraged to do so) include up to five more examples of their work in that comment.
7. After a period of time (week before the end of the month, hopefully) the polls will be posted for each category. You will then be able to vote in each poll for your favorite iconmaker(s).

These are quite simple. When the voting will be posted, you may vote for as many disney icon makers as you wish, but do not vote for yourself. The icon maker with the highest quantity of votes wins. And we'll have 1st, 2nd ans 3rd place ;)

That's all. Stick to the rules, nominate and have fun!

Best overall
Best cropping
Best coloring
Best text
Most unique/creative
Best complex
Best minimalistic
Best texture
Best black&white
Best animated
Best movie
Special cathegory

The community is currentry run by deadly_lemonade, hopeitallaway and nasirah, . We look for banner-maker volunteers.